Project Description


Multiport ball valve for process line and all types of fluids

The multiport ball valve is intended to close one or more circuits or to distribute pressurised fluids to one or more channels. The MV valve is comprised of a body including 2 to 4 channels and a key (cylindrical ball) that orients the fluid’s circulation. Its hygienic design makes it possible to ensure there is no retention zone, while giving it optimal cleanability per stroke during NEP cycles.
This value is intended for circuits carrying group 2 clear or viscous liquid products (Article 13 of the European directive 2014/34/EU) loaded with solid particles.

  • Full pass-through (pigging version)

  • Minimised load losses

  • 2 to 5 channels that can share lines for several products

  • Hygienic design

  • Several options to meet all types of needs

  • Equipment suited to lines distributing all types of fluids, including viscous, with solids and/or congealed (creams, chocolate, caramel, etc.)

  • Equipment specially adapted to lines with pigging system: can be used as a distribution or isolation valve, or as an intermediary station (pigging reception version)



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