The experience acquired with stakeholders in the brewery sector spanning more than 50 years enables us to still anticipate the expectations of a fast changing market. Our line of products is not totally focussed on traditional brewers but above all turned towards the new markets opened by the speciality beers around the world.

Consequently, we segment our line of brewing equipment to meet the needs of all sizes of breweries. We help you with your control needs concerning depression, filtration, fluid transfer and carbonation.
We regularly respond to customers’ specific expectations, even if this requires a special study and confidential manufacture.



The BOMB type bunging valve allows to regulate upstream pressure with a very precise manual adjustment. It is designed for gas (CO2) applications [...]



The AE saturator is designed to inject a gas in a clear liquid online. The gas is introduced in the saturator by a lateral tap and diffused in the liquid [...]



The bunging apparatus is a pressure control component. It is used to control the fermentation and maintain a constant pressure in a tank. A ball provides the seal on [...]