Project Description


Roof light: multifunction support

The XCHE makes it possible to find in one unique point, located on the top of the tank, all the high-pressure (SHP type safety-valve) and low-pressure (BOG or HSV-A type “vacuum breaker” valves depending on the diameters) protection equipment, the tank washing equipment, the XCHE and all its components and the fermentation gas pressurisation and recovery equipment (CHE type washing valve).
The XCHE can also receive on additional taps a stainless steel rupture disk and/or a pressure sensor.

  • Reduced footprint with this “all in one” unit, which facilitates the integration of new or reconditioned tanks

  • Reduced integration costs by limiting in particular the number and diameters of connections and by using one and the same pipe for all of the functionalities described previously

  • Total protection of the tank, especially against thermal and chemical shocks

  • Performance warranty during the process phases (recovery of fermentation gases, pressurisation, inerting, etc.), including when the wash ball is immersed

  • Product quality preserved thanks to a design that complies with the strictest international hygiene standards and reinforced sanitation (NEP/SEP)

  • Manufacture and storage of carbonated alcoholic beverages (beer, sparkling wine, cider, etc.) and non-alcoholic beverages (water and other carbonated beverages)

  • Equipment dedicated to fermentation tanks, filtered beer tanks, yeast propagators, yeast producers, ageing tanks, production tanks, storage tanks and other buffer tanks.



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