Project Description


Type Carbonation

The XAEK carbonation system is used to adjust the CO2 saturation rate in beer before kegging and bottling. This unit guarantees quality and repeatability of the final C02 content while racking the beer. The characteristics of the control panel ensure that the carbonation system’s operation is synchronised with the pump, the supply of CO2 and the isobarometric filling module.

  • Independent CO2 flow controller, adapting automatically to the beer pressure

  • Savings through the removal of the buffer tank dedicated to beer-resaturation

  • Precision and homogeneity of the carbonation

  • “Environment friendly” with reduction of water consumption, washing solutions, concentrated detergents and fewer wastes

  • Productivity & efficiency

  • “Self learning” and customizable solution for each brewery and-or beer

  • Hygienic design

  • Cost effective solution

  • Adjustment and stabilisation of the beer’s CO2 content before racking

  • Microbreweries, Craft Beer and Pico-breweries

Technical Specifications

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