Project Description


High performance pressure safety valve for process tank or line

The valves in the SHP range are DESP certified safety equipment designed to protect production lines and tanks containing group 2 gaseous fluids against overpressures (service pressure greater than 0.5 bar). The exhaust from the pressure function is collected.
Servinox has the tools to size a valve based on the characteristics of the tank or the transfer line (diameter, height) and the service conditions.

  • High performance pressure safety valve KD gas and vapours 0.74

  • Flush hygienic design of tank top cone, with interior RA of 0.6 μm

  • Fully autonomous: does not require any external subservience to operate)

  • Complies with “ATEX 2014/68/EU zones 1 & 2, gas and dust”

  • Tank and process equipment requiring compliance with the strictest hygienic standards (food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics)

  • Tanks subject to the DESP whose service pressure is greater than 0.5 bar

  • Designed to carry group 1 & 2 gases and steam (depending on the compatibility of the components with the products)



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