Project Description


Pig control panel for process or transfer lines and all types of fluids

The RVO Pig Speed Control Panel continuously and autonomously adjusts the pig’s push pressure to the most appropriate pressure. It is used to instantly control the pig’s travel speed during the pigging.
This system can be used irrespective of the particularities of the line to pig or the product to recover.

“Know how to anticipate the essential flows and pressures to control the pigging”

  • Protects the lines from pressure surges

  • Prevents the pig from blocking

  • Eliminates the product’s “Karcher®” effect on arrival

  • Ensures user safety and the security of the installations

  • Adapts to different kinds of products that can be transferred on the same line

  • Increases the pig’s life

  • Pigging on the transfer line of all types of liquids

  • Equipment specially adapted to lines distributing viscous liquids, liquids with solids or liquids that congeal (creams, chocolate, caramel, etc.)



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