Project Description


Volumetric sampling online for low viscosity liquids

The PEVL sampling cock is used to take a constant volume sample automatically and sequentially of clear or slightly viscous liquid on a transfer line.
The PEVL has a pneumatic control: it is comprised of a body equipped with a sampling chamber, a sampling piston and an actuating cylinder. At each movement of the actuating cylinder, the sampling piston draws from the transfer line a quantity of product corresponding to the volume trapped in the piston’s calibrated recess. When the piston returns to its initial position, the sample is transferred to the sample bottle through the outlet pipe. The sampling chamber is cleaned by simply connecting the cock to the NEP installation or by injecting a sterilising liquid.

  • Sampling of a constant volume at regular intervals (automatic)

  • Hygienic design with possibility to mount a cleaning valve online

  • Sampling volume defined at manufacture, from 1 ml to 40 ml

  • Capable of performing up to 600 draws per hour

  • Easy to maintain thanks to the presence of just one membrane

  • Can be sterilised by NEP/SEP circulation

  • Sampling of a clear or slightly viscous liquid on transfer line

  • Equipment especially adapted to sampling of products subject to quality and/or bacteriological controls



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