Project Description


Hygienic syringe-capable sampling for tank or process line and clear liquids

The PESH sampling cock is used to take a sample of clear or slightly viscous liquid from a tank or a transfer circuit in order to perform quality and/or bacteriological controls. Its reinforced hygienic design guarantees the lack of a retention zone (conducive to bacteria growth) and excellent cleanability.
The sampling is made using a syringe passing through a self-sealing membrane. A numbered grid, placed on the face of the equipment, is used to identify the zones already used from those still available to take a sample.

  • Syringe-capable sampling

  • Hygienic design with possibility of flush mounting (eq. NA Connect®)

  • Indexing to sample through a hole in order to avoid any risk of contamination through the point of sampling

  • Easy to maintain with just the membrane to change

  • Process tanks or transfer lines containing bacteriologically sensitive clear liquids

  • Equipment especially adapted to sampling of products subject to quality and/or bacteriological controls



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