Project Description


Pressure, depression and thermal shock safety valve 3-A for process or storage tank

The HSV range of valves are hygienic equipment designed to protect tanks against depressions (vacuum breaker) and overpressures. They are equipped with a technical pipe (washing function, sterile gas inlet). The exhaust from the pressure function is collected. The filter channels, different in pressure and in depression, are specifically designed to protect the tanks against abrupt temperature changes caused by a hot wash (and a SEP) followed by a cold rinse.
Servinox has the tools to size a valve based on the characteristics of the tank (diameter, height), resistances (pressure, depression) and washing conditions (temperature, flow).

  • Valve certified 3-A 58-01

  • Combined pressure and depression

  • Specially designed to protect against thermal shocks (hot/cold washes)

  • Fully autonomous: does not require any external subservience to operate

  • Hygienic design

  • Easy and economical to maintain (without lifting means or specific tooling)

  • Many available options depending on needs

  • Tanks not subject to the DESP whose service pressure does not exceed 0.5 bar

  • Tanks subject to the DESP whose service pressure is greater than 0.5 bar (special version as option)

  • Tanks whose service temperature does not exceed 120°C

  • Exclusively designed to carry gas



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