Project Description


Online hygiene filters for all types of liquids with solids

The “square” (FHE) and “Y” (FHY) online hygiene filters are designed to protect a pump or any other sensitive equipment from solid particles that may be in the liquid.
Their hygienic design ensures there are no retention zones (conducive to bacteria growth) and give them total backwashing cleanability.
The fluid enters by the axial neck and leaves laterally. The filtration is performed
by a “V” wire rolled into a cylinder, where the filtration threshold is determined by the spacing between the wires. The filtered particles are collected inside the filtering component. This design makes it possible to avoid plugging the filter when the liquids contain fibres.

  • Filtration threshold on demand

  • Filtration of all types of liquids, whether they are clear, sticky or viscous

  • No retention zone for optimal hygiene

  • Option: magnetic trap

  • Option: dual-heated envelope

  • Transfer lines carrying all types of liquids with solids

  • Suitable both for liquids with solid particle and with fibres

Technical Specifications

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