Project Description


Counterbalance pressure safety valve for process or storage tank

The valves in the BOT range are DESP certified safety equipment designed to protect tanks containing group 2 gaseous fluids against overpressures (service pressure greater than 0.5 bar). The valve’s exhaust can be collected.
The valve is comprised of a cylindrical body and a stainless steel counterweight mounted on a lever used to obtain the set pressure. In case of overpressure, the ball lets the fluid escape to a secondary network.
The valve is generally set at a pressure equal to the service pressure.
The seal is provided by a ball manufactured from stainless steel up to 165°C or a ball manufactured from Arnite® up to 80°C in contact with an elastomer lip seal.
Servinox has the tools to size a valve based on the characteristics of the tank (diameter, height), resistances (pressure, depression) and washing conditions (temperature, flow).

  • Fully autonomous (does not require any external subservience to operate)

  • Pressure set by counterweights thereby ensuring excellent reliability over time

  • Economic to maintain without impact on the set pressure

  • Production and storage of food and non-food products in controlled atmosphere (dairy products, beverages, water, creams and other cosmetic products, fine chemicals, etc.)

  • Tanks subject to the DESP whose service pressure is greater than 0.5 bar

  • Exclusively designed to carry gas



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