Project Description


Pressure and depression safety valve for a storage tank in a protected atmosphere

The BOGV valve is an equipment designed to protect storage tanks under inerting, especially in the wine-making field, against depressions (vacuum breaker) and overpressures.

  • Combined pressure and depression valve

  • Specially designed for storage tanks in a protected atmosphere

  • Fully autonomous (does not require any external subservience to operate)

  • Easy and economical to maintain

  • Low pressure sealed (control of the expansion space and the nitrogen consumption)

  • The best “quality/price” ratio on the market

  • Storage of food or non-food products and in particular wines and champagnes

  • Tanks whose inerting value is between 15 and 30 mbars and whose service temperature does not exceed 40°C

  • Exclusively designed to carry gas (in case of overflow, the value’s components must be manually dismantled and cleaned)



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