Project Description


Online gas introduction saturators for clear liquids

The AE saturator is designed to inject a gas in a clear liquid online.
The gas is introduced in the saturator by a lateral tap and diffused in the liquid through a pore disk (version A) or an injection sleeve perforated with calibrated holes (version D). The saturator’s special profile makes it possible to optimise the gas’ dissolution in the product and limit the saturated liquid’s expansion at the equipment outlet.
The AE saturator is equipped with a threaded nose at the liquid inlet and outlet as well as at the gas inlet. A purge valve on the injection chamber can be used, when cleaning the line, to drain the cleaning solution from this chamber.
The liquid’s gas saturation rate is determined by the flow, liquid temperature and gas pressure. We have materials that can be used to determine these values based on the desired rate of saturation.
The AE saturator can be integrated on an XAE type assembly integrating the automatic adjustment and control of the online measurement.

  • Carbonation online

  • Gas injection in the heart of the liquid vein

  • Version available for aerating the wort

  • Desaturation minimised after injection

  • On circuits carrying clear liquids

  • Beers and other carbonated drinks

Technical Specifications

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